The DB-ALM  information content has been updated

We have the pleasure to inform you that a first set of information sheets have been finalised by the DB-ALM and its collaborators and are now made available online for the topic area of:


 Hepatotoxicity/Metabolism-Mediated toxicity.

The following descriptions of in-vitro techniques using the below listed experimental systems have been either updated or newly added to the DB-ALM content. They include information on their objectives & applications, rationale, basic procedure and status of development and/or validation and all are based on extensive literature reviews. For each technique related information is also provided.


List of new and/or updated information sheets available online:                                              

        Alginate entrapped primary hepatocytes (LiverBeadsTM) – Summary                   

        Collagen-gel sandwich configuration culture of primary hepatocytes - Summary               

        Culture of freshly isolated nonparenchymal liver cells and nonparenchymal cell lines - Summary                                                          

        Hepatocyte spheroid culture using primary hepatocytes or hepatic cell lines - Summary

        Incubation techniques for the use of liver slices - Summary                                

        Isolated hepatocyte couplets - Summary

        Isolated perfused liver - Summary                                     

        Monolayer culture of primary hepatocytes - Summary                             

        Preparation of precision-cut liver slices - Summary                                                     

        Preservation of liver slices - Summary                                                  

        Suspension culture of freshly isolated or cryopreserved hepatocytes - Summary                               

        The use of liver slices for hepatotoxicity studies- Summary                                          



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