eSI 2008 for young researchers: "Scientific and technological progress in 3 Rs -alternatives in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic area: current and in future". Alicante. More information.
Bottlenecks in the application of 3Rs in the R&D process in the pharmaceutical industry. Madrid, May 20th 2008. REMA Workshop organized with ECOPA and the EU Project Startup.


The Prof. Eugenio Vilanova, Director of the Bioengineering Institute of Miguel Hernández University of Elche and member of REMA’s board, and the Dr. José Vicente Tarazona (INIA) have been appointed as RAC-ECHA members. This committee began its activities in January 2008. It is formed by independent experts who will assess the dossiers of chemicals subject to authorization under REACH, and others advising functions and decisions in the development of the REACH in the ECHA.

International Master in Toxicology (Mastertox)

REMA collaborates with this prestigious international on-line training program. This master’s degree is managed by Prof. Dr. Manuel Repetto and this year offers the Course of Expert in Toxicology 08 which is organized by the distinguished Official College of Chemist of Seville (Spain).
The Dr. Eduardo de la Peña from the Centro de Ciencias Medioambientales (CSIC), who is vice-president of REMA, took part in the course for Accreditation to Use to Experimentation Animals, B, in the Veterinary Faculty of the University Complutense of Madrid with the lecture “Métodos Alternativos a la Experimentación Animal”. Madrid, February 11th - 15th 2008.

REMA was consulted in relation to the new legislation on animal welfare.

REMA is one of the most activ groups of the European Project of the VI Framework Program ForInVitox- Forum for researchers and regulators to meet manufacturers of toxicology test methods.

REMA is working in the european project START-UP: Scientific and Technological issues in 3Rs Alternatives Research in The process of drug development and Union Politics

REMA is organizing the Workshop 0 of the european project START-UP, april 2008, Madrid

eSI Meeting  for young scientists, Pueblo Acantilado, Alicante Sept 2008, organized by ecopa with the logistic collaboration of REMA